Faculty Resources

Employee Resources

Emergency Contact Form - Please complete a new form if anything with your contact information changes. 

Employee Reimbursement Claim - The only time that you are allowed to be reimbursed for purchases you made with personal funds, is when neither a PO or P-card use is allowable, or in an emergency situation. All personal reimbursements must include a justification that states why no other purchasing method was used. Personal reimbursement requests for less than $25 cannot be submitted (you must hold on to them until you have enough to accumulate $25 or more). ALL employee reimbursements should be through direct deposit!
-What is the maximum amount of tips allowed on meals?
20% (If the bill has a pre-determined service charge added in by the restaurant, we can pay all of that.)
-What is the proper procedure if I have lost my receipt for my reimbursement claim?
Departments can provide an affidavit of lost receipt, including the name of the person claiming reimbursement, date of purchase, item purchased, cost, and explanation of circumstances. This form should be signed by the person claiming reimbursement. 
-What items cannot be paid on a personal reimbursement?
Any item that would be considered taxable income to an individual cannot be paid on a personal reimbursement. Examples of taxable income include, but are not limited to the following: Bands, vocal groups or artists, medical services, royalty payments, etc.
NOTE:  A general rule to follow is this. If the payment is to be for a service, then a requisition must be processed because the payment will be taxable. If the payment is to be for a commodity, (tangible item) the payment will probably not be taxable. 
For questions regarding this issue, contact Mila Bautista, Tax Compliance, at 479-575-4717.

External Funding Opportunities - The Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women and Politics is an annual competition designed to encourage and reward scholars embarking on significant research in the area of women and politics. Research projects submitted for prize consideration may address any topic related to women and politics. Scholars at any level, including graduate students and junior faculty members, may apply. The winners of the Catt Prize are announced in early February each year. 

Membership Justification Form - Faculty members who wish to use University funds to pay for memberships to academic/professional organizations must fill out the official Membership Justification Form and submit it with their puchase or reimbursement request. 

New Faculty Guide

Direct Deposit Instructions

Please submit a Purchase Requisition form for any items or software you require. It is important that you provide the cost center number that the funds will be coming from along with as much information regarding the seller and the product as possible. 

If you're travelling and you have questions about the travel process, please check out our travel page. If this page does not include answers to your questions, feel free to reach out to Patrick in the PLSC office with your inquiry.


Faculty Personnel Information

Department of Political Science Personnel Document

Department of Political Science Bylaws

Fulbright College Personnel Document

UA Faculty Handbook

Academic Calendar

Course Evaluations

University Policies on Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure:

 UA System Board Policy 405.1 (Appointment, Promotion, Tenure)

  • UA Campus Academic Policy 1405.11(Evaluative Criteria, Procedures, and General Standards for Appointment, Annual Review, Promotion, and Tenure)
  • UA Campus Academic Policy 1405.13(Guidelines for University and Distinguished Professor Appointments)


General Resources/Information

Career Development Center 

According to results from a student survey by the the National Association of Colleges and Employers (Student Survey 2010), the likelihood of a student getting a job offer increased with the frequency of career center use. Students who used the career center four or more times a semester were more likely to have job offers than those who used it once a semester. The results also indicated use of career services resulted in higher median salaries, and median salaries climbed with increased use. 
The CDC offers five presentations: CDC Services and Resources, Resume/Cover Letter Writing, Interview Success, Job or Graduate School Search, and Using Social Media Professionally. Consider scheduling one of these presentations for your classroom instead of canceling class!

Catalog of Studies 

For academic years prior please consult the catalog archives.  For the PLSC Catalog of study

Classroom Technology Videos 

IT Services provides instructional videos and documentation about the technology-enhanced classroom equipment and software installed by IT Services. For an overview of the tabletop room controller and projector. For an instructional video on using the document camera software. Technology-enhanced classrooms are supported by departmental tech partners and equipment can be monitored in real time.

Computer Policies 

If you get a new computer from the University to replace an older machine, you MUST ensure an Inventory Replacement Form has been completed out and filed with the Office Manager. Failure to do so could leave you responsible for the cost of your old computer. 
If you'd like to take your University-owned laptop off campus for an extended period, you need to fill out an Off-Campus Property Request Form and turn it into the office so that we can maintain accurate inventory information. 

Fulbright IT Support and AskIT 

For any technical issues, complete an "AskIT" form for assistance. For immediate assistance call 575-7512. The IT Services Tech Selector helps students and faculty work smarter and faster with instant guidance and options for teaching online, managing files, doing research, creating videos, working from home and more. 

Graduate School Degree Program Forms

Holiday Schedule 

When a holiday (except December 25) falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed; when December 25 falls on a Saturday, the following Monday is observed. When a holiday (except December 24) falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is observed. 

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The website offers a great deal of statistical information about the University's students, faculty, and staff, including a Mini Fact Book with enrollment, tuition, and employment information for the year. 


UASuccess is the university's online appointment scheduling tool for faculty, staff, and students. Through the UAConnect system, students can schedule online appointments with faculty, academic advisers, scholarship advisers, and other support offices on campus that are using UASuccess. 
UASuccess is accessible through Blackboard or by logging in directly to uark.starfishsolutions.com with your UARK username and password. For more information about UASuccess, email uasuccess@uark.edu.


Teaching Resources


Center for Education Access-The CEA serves as the central campus resource for helping students with disabilities obtain the accommodations they need for equal access to classroom activity.

Building Executives

The building executives list-problems in classrooms and buildings should be submitted to the appropriate building executive. 


Academic Semester Calendar-Official calendar of the academic semester dates and deadlines. Please check this website for updates. 

Schedule of Classes

Course Evaluations

Teacher and Course Evaluation Procedures 1405.15
How to Print your Reports
Log into CourseEval Website

Final Exams

Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Policy-Each faculty member is required to give final examinations at times specified in the final examination schedule. Exams should not be given during the last class period. Whenever circumstances make necessary a deviation from the announced schedule, clearance for such deviation must be obtained from the appropriate dean and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

During finals week, students are required to sit for no more than two final exams in a single calendar day period. Students with three or more finals in a single calendar day period have the right to an alternative exam date(s) for each exam exceeding two. They must submit a formal request for an alternative date in writing, along with an official copy of their class schedule for verification purposes, to the professors of those classes involved to see if one will voluntarily move the exam. If voluntary accommodations is not achieved, instructors of classes with lower enrollments will have to accommodate before classes with higher enrollments. 


Absence From Class-Please complete our Absence from Class and/or Other Assigned Tasks forms ("green sheet") for ANY absences from campus BEFORE the event(s). They are located under the department mailboxes.

Change of Registration- The Administrative Change of Registration Form must be completed for any overrides or class changed AFTER the due date for the "office" to complete any manual overrides. That is the 6th day of class for Spring/Fall and the 3rd day of class for Summer. 

Grade Appeal

For Undergraduate Students-All grievances concerning course grades must be filed within one (1) calendar year of the end of the term in which the grade that is being appealed was assigned. 

Independent Study

Independent study forms are required for a student to be enrolled in independent study hours with a professor or enrolled in credit hours for an internship. The form should be completed with a professor in order to accurately fill out the "Nature and Purpose of Study" and "Plan of Study" sections. Internship guidelines for faculty


RESPECT (Rape Education Services by Peers Encouraging Conscious Thought)-is a group of students that provide interactive presentations to other students regarding sexual assault prevention. To schedule a presentation with RESPECT, contact the STAR Central Office of the Pat Walker Health Center at 575-7252 or email us at respect@uark.edu

Senior Writing Requirement

The Fulbright College of Arts and Science requires all students to write and submit an acceptable research/analytic paper to the department for approval-must be submitted before Dead Day. The paper may be derived from completion of an honors essay (PLSC 499VH), a senior thesis (PLSC 498V), or another advanced course in PLSC. 
Students' papers should meet all necessary requirements listed in the Senior Writing Requirement Guidelines; they must complete a copy of the Senior Writing Requirement Declaration Form, obtain their professor's signature, and turn in the completed form to the Political Science Office in Old Main 428. 

Technical Support

Blackboard Help Desk-If you have questions, or Blackboard Learn is not responding, contact the Blackboard Learn Help Desk at 479-575-7252 or bbhelp@uark.edu
Monday through Thursday, 7:00am to 10:00pm
Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday, 11:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday, 6:00pm to 11:00pm
After Hours Support - call 575-2904 to alert technical staff if Blackboard Learn is not responding. Limited technical support and troubleshooting is also available after hours. 

Change Grades-Instructions for changing grades in UAConnect.   

Reporting Student Absence - Instructions for entering a student who never attended class. 

Teaching Innovation & Pedagogical Support (TIPS) Site-is a support site for faculty who use technology in teaching face-to-face, blended and online courses. The site contains best practice information and step-by-step instructions for topics including BlackBoard Learn, creating and streaming video, web-conferencing, online proctoring, creating accessible content, and course design. The site also provides a calendar of workshops, technology training dates and faculty development events. 

UAConnect Help Center for Faculty-Help Centers are based on the needs of the various end users. 

U of A Cares

The U of A Cares program is an early alert/warning system that is activated to assist a student in distress. Referrals can come from faculty, staff, parents, other students or the student in need. The U of A Care team can assist with issues such as, but not limited to: death, illnesses, class attendance issues, financial matters, adjustment issues, scholarship concern, referrals